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How do we actually follow Jesus into the harvest? What are the practical steps? If we were to actually do ministry like Jesus did and as He taught his disciples, would we get the same results? These are good questions. I wrote Chapter 9: Viral Church Planting in my book Viral Jesus about these very issues. My goal of Viral Jesus was broader so I only gave a chapter to this subject. Viral Jesus was answering the question, what will it take to once again see a viral movement of the Spirit in the West?

However, I’m not going to pretend that my book is the definitive work on Lk 10 ministry. I’m not going to try to say that I answer every, or even most, questions about this issue. I give the broad brush strokes and tell some stories. Then I show how it relates to other issues. But there are more definitive works on the Luke 10 church planting and I’d like to introduce you to two of them, in this and the next post. In this post I’m going to introduce you to a work by Steve and Marilyn Hill.


The Luke 10 Manual

Steve and Marilyn wrote this work out of their experience in Central Asia. I’m not going to explain the book other than to say it is extremely practical and if you want to know how to “do this stuff,” it is an indispensible resource. Instead of explaining the book, I’m going to just list the table of contents. That should give you a pretty good idea of what the book is about.

Introduction for our Western Friends

Introduction for our Eastern Friends

1/ The Problem of the Laborers

A/ Heart Problem

B/ Training Problems

C/The Vision Problem or Blaming the Harvest

2/ Prayers and the Geography Problem

A/ Wasted Prayers

B/ The Lord of the Harvest

C/ The Mandated Prayer

3/ Danger Ahead

A/ It is supposed to be Dangerous

B/ the Life of Jesus is Manifested Through Suffering

C/ Blessed to be a Blessing

4/ Money Bags, Knapsacks, Sandals and Purpose

A/ Money Bags and Mission

B/ Knapsacks and Culture

C/Sandals and Methodologies

D/ The Camel Tracks Story

5/ Your Peace and the Man of Peace

A/ Peace be with You

B/ Finding the Man of Peace

C/ What about Urban and Western Cultures

6/ The Eating and Drinking Mandate X2

A/ Remaining: Relational Integrity and Multiplication

B/ Eating, Drinking and Acceptance or Belonging, Behavior and Belief

C/ Wages and Responsibility

7/ Demonstration and Declaration of the Kingdom

A/ Heal and Demonstrate the Kingdom

B/ Declare and Model the Kingdom

C/ Who is in Charge?

D/ Always a Servant, Never a King

E/ Jesus, the Real Head, not a Figure Head

8/ Rejection/ Acceptance Realities

9/ Rejoicing over Relationship

A/ All Authority

B/ The Highest is Relationship

C/ I have Called you Friends

D/ The Responsibilities & Freedoms of Friendship

Appendix #1, Apostles, Slaves of Christ

Appendix #2 House Churches in the New Testament

Appendix #3 The One Another Commandments

Appendix #4 Full Time Ministry and Finance in the New Testament


Now, come on, if you haven’t read this book and that table of contents doesn’t get you salivating you probably not cut out for this kind of ministry. Click on the picture above to order the book directly from Steve and Marilyn.

Pick a question and respond.

  • Do you think this can happen overseas but never in the West?
  • Do you really think Jesus expected us to do ministry like He did and He taught his disciples to do?
  • Have you ever noticed that ministry in the New Testament follows the Luke 10 outline?
  • Why do you think we don’t do this very often today?
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