Acting 101: Here’s What You Should Do


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Are you one of those people who just can’t sit through a film without admiring or criticising the performance of the actors? If you have an eye for acting then maybe you have a knack for it too! Yes, we’re suggesting that you should try pursuing a career in acting, if you’re here reading this then you know that you want to – what’s keeping you, then?

Showbiz can be a bit tough for a lot of us but that’s only true for those who just want to get famous. If you love acting then all you need to do is start gathering experience to show the judges at auditions so that you’re more likely to be short listed for acting gigs. Check out Christian Capozzoli’s Twitter profile for some inspiration. You’ll have to start small but then again, all of your favourite actors started small too. Here are a few other things they did and you should do too, if you want to learn acting.

Study And Read

Talent is one thing but to enter any industry, especially one as perplexing as showbiz, you need to study it and learn the ropes. You need to know what sells and what doesn’t because you’re going to be selling your skills as well. You’ll also want to read and study the art of acting to learn new techniques.

Take Classes

Studies aside, you need coaching to actually practice your skill as an actor. You’ll need to be good enough to perform on command and under pressure and there will indeed be a lot of pressure from those judges. Show them what you’re made of.

One Step at a Time, Bub

We get it, you’re excited about learning acting but you might not want to move to a big city looking for more opportunities right away. Opportunities will come your way as you hone and practice your craft.

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