All You Need to Know About Background Checks


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A background check is basically a review of someone’s civil, educational, criminal, and financial history. Usually, they are performed by businesses to verify the information that was provided by the employees. A background check is usually done before hiring any potential candidate. This is necessary since according to an estimate about 50 percent of the people lie on their resumes.

Background checks on top of confirming the provided information, it also ensures the safety of the company, clients and the staff, for this criminal history check is done.

An educational background check is done to cross-check the educational information that the candidate has provided in their resume. Typical background checks include the following:

  • Credit Reports regarding bankruptcies
  • Lie detection tests
  • Drug Tests
  • Medical history
  • Educational history
  • Legal working status
  • Military background

Background checks are either conducted by a software program or by taking help from different companies. There are countless background check companies out there.  Depending on the type of company and the type of job they offer, a background check is conducted. The time period required to complete a particular background check varies with the type of company and the type of background checks they require.

Just like all other things, even background checks have their limitations and drawbacks. The biggest one being incorrect information. Even the slightest change in spelling of a person’s name can result in an incorrect background check that could possibly make that person lose a potential job. Also, sometimes there is a possibility that you get an incomplete background check, and the company makes decisions on whatever information they get. This is why it is very important to get a background check done quite thoroughly.

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