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If you play basketball the n you will really need to fix your basketball shots. Being able to make the right shots means that you will be able to score more points and generally be a better player. Knowing how to shoot a basketball the right way is important if you want to play the game and it is something that you will need to work on. A lot of people develop bad shooting habits while playing basketball if they are not taught the right way to shoot basketballs. So in this article we will talk about how to shoot a basketball correctly and see if there are any bad habits you need to correct.

So the stance you have is quite necessary for proper shooting. While different players utilize different types of stances, there are still good and bad stances. So if you are unsure about your stance, then you can practice one of the two basic stances on top of which others are built. These two stances are the closed stance and the open stance. The closed stance is supposed to direct your shot and focuses more on you having accuracy and straight shots. The open shot lets you move about and make adjustments to your shot. The open stance is also great for fake outs and passes as they help players who are better at movement.

The closed stance requires your shoulders to be squared towards the hoop and have your body, especially your feet, pointing to the hoop. This will help you gain accuracy and helps keep your body in a form that can throw straight shots. The open stance will require your shoulders to be a bit more rounded towards the hoop. Also your feet can be pointing a little towards your off hand.

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