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We have all heard stories of amazing buck’s parties that were full of adventures and laughter, and pictures which are probably not safe for public viewing, and at the same time, we have also heard stories of buck’s parties which were either horribly planned, boring or just plain bad and awkward in a lot of ways. As the best man, you have the pressure of organizing the groom’s buck’s party, and you, of course want it to go well.

A good buck’s party is a mixture of excitement, the groom’s preferences and your own intuition as the best man. So, you take the knowledge you have about the groom’s habits and choices, and then you make a list accordingly. You want to preferably have the buck’s party during the holidays, preferably the weekend so that everyone can relax and recover the next day rather than having to go to work. Now, there are companies that offer buck’s party services and packages that includes a customizable itinerary and pick and drop services for everyone. You can look into these companies for a more better and rounded party experience.

When it comes to ideas for the actual buck’s party on where to go. You can choose to do a bar crawl with everyone where you all visit a set number of bars throughout the course of the night in a certain area. If not a bar crawl, you can go to a bar and then possibly go clubbing. For some people strip clubs are an essential, but this depends largely on the comfort level of the group. If you are looking for more unconventional ideas, you can go camping, have a beach party, go horse riding or Go karting and so on. There are a lot of different approaches you can take, so you can choose to experiment if you want.

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