Can Religion And Science Co-Exist?


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Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer:

In order to give a concise answer, it is necessary to examine the current environment.

Our Modern Present:

With atheism on the rise, as a sort of rebellion against authority, many persons wrongfully believe that science cannot coexist with religion, and thereby the latter must disappear because it has no place in the world.

Even worse, they try to criticize and debate the idea of God and other metaphysic matters from a scientific perspective, something that is entirely wrong, because it is similar to trying to identify the color of something using a ruler.

It is inherently wrong to talk about God, and try to analyze metaphysical and theological matters, from a scientific position, because they analyze different portions of reality.

Yet, many young people are driven by emotions, and it is what takes them to wrongfully judge God and its existence using science, something that ultimately leads to the “concensus” amongst them that religion and science cannot coexist.

Replacing God With Human Deities:

What most atheists do, unfortunately, is to replace God and religion with human deities and their own manifestos and cults.

They are simply shifting their figure of authority from a divine figure to a human one.

Not in vain, it is said that Hegel’s dialectics is inherently theological, and thereby Marxism is of the same nature. One of their goal is to replace everything with their new culture, and that includes “killing” God and replacing it with their own leaders.

This is a model that has been replicated in every single communist and socialist country, and it is happening in a much more subtle degree nowadays.

People are embracing new human deities and dismissing the idea of God’s existence, and they banally justify their arguments with science, when as said before, is a deeply wrong appreciation.

Therefore, this idea that science and religion cannot coexist is simply fueled by this anti-God and anti-religion mood that is expanding all over the West, but once again, they are not detaching from the core values of religion, to the contrary, they are simply embracing them in a mundane, human and wrongful way.

Science Doesn’t Threaten Religion:

Science isn’t a menace for religion, because once again, they are occupied in observing different aspects of reality.

They don’t have to conflict with each other, because they serve different functions.

Science allows us to discover more about world, universe and reality, whereas religion helps us to discover the metaphysical aspect of life and to nurture our sould.

To say that they cannot exist is to dismiss this important difference.

We are in the era of diversity, so why don’t we celebrate diversity and embrace both, science and religion?

What Do You Think?

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Do you think that religion and science can live together? If so, justify your answer!

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