Can’t Decide Whether You Should Buy a Sliding or Non-Sliding Miter Saw?


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Whether it is about cutting or trimming of wood pieces, miter saw is one of the best machines that can deliver desired results with minimum efforts. Many woodworkers feel they are at crossroads when they have to choose between a sliding or a non-sliding miter saw. Both machines are designed to make angled cuts deeply into hard objects but sliding saws are capable of making deeper cuts because of the blades can be moved in either directions. Next time you visit your local hardware store you need to be aware about the pros and cons of each type of miter saw.

The dimensions of saw installed in sliding miter saws is designed to move in right and left direction so that sharp cuts can be made at different angles. With the additional movement feature, the every inch increment in the length of the saw results in twice the depth over the wood surface. This results in big changes in the depth of the cuts when the length of the blades is greater than 10 inches. Most woodworkers feel frustrated when they have to relocate the wooden log all the way back just to shred a few remaining portion. Having a sliding feature gives them the liberty of crowning and trimming the entire object in a single row. You might already know that the DWS 780 by Dewalt is a favourite among DIYers and for detailed information about the product you should visit the website of Miter Saw Advisor. On the other hand, when it comes to giving bevel cuts there is no better option than a non-sliding miter saw. They are also used in industries that produce sophisticated items such as fencing boards that require high amount of precision.

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