Common Problems With Hearing Aids


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Due to the creation of the hearing aids, nobody with hearing troubles ever feels left out or disabled. Modern innovation has improved hearing aids even further and have made the experience seem as natural as possible.

However, hearing aids, like all things man-made that involves complex machinery, can run into issues and problems. So, there are a few common problems found in hearing aids, and we will be addressing them below.

  • Hearing aids run on batteries. So, problems revolving around batteries may or may not include dead batteries, broken compartments, corroded connections and inconsistent power etc. Now these problems can be fixed by simply replacing the battery, however, if the problem still remains after changing the battery as well, then you need to get it looked over.
  • We know that an accumulation of ear wax can cause disruptions in our normal hearing, similarly, an accumulation of earwax in your hearing aids can end up disrupting the microphone or the receiver etc. which can cause problems. So, you need to clean your hearing aids regularly, and in the correct manner as demonstrated by a professional.
  • If your hearing aid is not fitting properly into your ear and it is beginning to feel uncomfortable, it could mean that your needs have changed and that it might be time for a refitting or a replacement of your hearing aids.
  • If the tubing of your ear either dries out or ends up absorbing too much moisture from the environment, it can end up leading to problems in your hearing.

If you have more concerns or feel that you need to give your hearing aids for a maintenance check or repair work, you can simply contact the experts at Beltone Central California, book an appointment and pay them a visit to get your hearing aids looked at.

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