Finding a Good Gynaecologist


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We believe in breaking gender stereotypes just as much as anyone else but as a general rule, women can be pretty sensitive towards changes. For example, if a woman has to move into a new town where there will be lots of unfamiliarity, she might panic. This doesn’t just mean that she’s going to have to deal with all that packing and unpacking, but she’ll have to build some necessary connections from scratch.

Think of it this way, you have a hair stylist that you trust, you know where to go for your laundry and you know a doctor that you go to for your lady troubles. Now imagine having to build these connections again from scratch. Sounds stressful, right? Being honest, finding a gynaecologist is the most stressful of all the things we’ve mentioned above. Here’s a few things you’d want to consider when looking for a new gynaecologist.

Their Gender

You need to be very comfortable with your gynaecologist, which is why you should think about what you’re okay with. You might want another female doctor checking you but if you’re comfortable with a male doctor as well then you’ll have more doctors you could go to.

Their Office

You need to be as comfortable as possible with your gynaecologist and we can’t say this enough. Their office and the equipment they use also factors into how much confidence you can have in your gynaecologist. A good gynaecologist uses equipment from makers such as Lateral Medical.

Their Philosophy

This is pretty important actually so pay attention. There are many sensitive topics revolving around birth control and abortions etc. These topics come up quite a lot in a gynaecologist’s office so make sure that the physician you’re going to thinks on the same level as you.

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