Gauging Customer Happiness


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If you run a business of any sort, then the most important people in your life automatically become the customers that you have. For any company, especially ones that provide products for sale or consumer services for hire, how the customers view you and your organization and what their opinion of you is can change everything for you. A customer who is happy with the product or service you are providing them will use your organization again, they will recommend it to more people, and the brand loyalty will spread. However, if your customers are unhappy with your or do not feel like they are getting anything out of hiring you, buying from you, or using your services, then you will lose your customer base and lose the amount of people who pay you. If this number increases enough it could end up hurting your company or organization quite a bit and even end up shutting it down.

The giant super market chain, Kroger, has attributed much of their success to keeping up with their employees and trying to understand what they like and what they do not like. Kroger makes an active effort to not just make their customers feel happy and satisfied, but also to give them a way to contact the people running the stores in a meaningful way. Through the use of their feedback website,, the company is able to get recent customers to give them feedback. In fact, a lot of customers regularly do give feedback and end up seeing changes. This encourages the customers to give more feedback and trust in the stores ability to listen to them and actually make changes they want to see. The store also gives people benefits and discounts as a reward for giving helpful feedback and critique.

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