Goa: An International Affair


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Goa has a very rich history, one which is very diverse and interesting. Goa can be better described as India’s melting pot because of the many influences and cultures that are present there. Goa was first colonized under the Portuguese, leaving back some of its influences and mannerisms amongst the people and how they live. After the Portuguese left, Goa then came under the rule of the British crown, which also left a strong mark on the city once the British left. Goa was then visited by the hippies during the late 1960s that settled down and brought a bit of their own culture with them as well.

This turns Goa into a blend of traditional Indian and European culture and influence. You will find a diverse population there ranging from Hindus to Christians and so on. This mix of different cultures and ideologies can be seen in different ways in the local’s way of life. You will find it in their architecture, their food and the way the locals seem to go about their lives.

This interplay of cultures is something that has gotten a lot of attention and now a large number of foreign tourists visit Goa every year to explore the city. The relaxed energy of the city and the many beaches add to another charm that cannot be explained. Goa also happens to be very affordable, so even if you are looking for 5 star hotels in Goa, you will find them to be easily within your range. So, you one can easily explore the city, live and eat comfortably, and find that they have not made as big a dent in their travel expenses as they expected. So, if you are curious, take a chance and visit Goa, see where the city takes you.

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