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From the top of your head, can you think of a few reasons why anyone would buy something? You might be thinking that they’ll buy it because they need it and while that’s the crux of it, sales aren’t this simple in real life situations, especially these days. To put things simply, the customer no longer just cares about the quality of the product by itself alone, they want to make sure that they agree with the origins of the product and the brand behind it before they can buy it.

For better or worse, people these days are very sensitive about a lot of things and for businesses to stay relevant, they need to prove to the customers that they agree with their concerns and are good natured and caring people who want to help as well. A lot of customers will avoid well-established brand simply out of the sentiment that big companies are trying to loot them – yes, even in 2018 we have people who think that companies do not pay their employees and every packaged item is a product of human suffering.

These sentiments aside, businesses need to understand the specific needs of various ethnic groups and cultures so that they can bring them products that suit them better. This way, they can retain customers in each and every kind of group by both catering to their actual needs as well as their sentiments. These things aren’t something a business can just predict without field data which Walker Info voice of the customer can provide.

Naturally, if you walk up to a customer and ask for their insights, they may or may not tell you what they really feel up front, however if you gather their insights from various sources and methods, you’re more likely to get a real picture of how and why customers buy products and services these days.

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