How to Get a Good Exchange Rate


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Regardless of whether you are an inexperienced tourist or a seasoned traveler, the most important thing you can do when travelling is knowing different ways you can save your money, because you want to make sure that all your travel expenses stay in budget. So, you can cut down costs in a number of different ways from how you travel to how you eat and so on. However, one important way you can save money is to get your foreign exchange done at a good rate.

If you happen to sell your foreign currency at a good rate, you can get more of the local currency at a better rate as well. Now, there are a number of ways you can ensure that you get a good exchange rate, and we will be discussing them below.

  • The biggest mistake a lot of people make is to get their money exchanged at the airport. Airports always have a higher price set, so you will end up losing out on more money when you get it done from the airport. So, when you are travelling, always get some currency exchanged before you leave your country so that you still have some local currency on you when you land.
  • If you are, for instance, looking for a foreign exchange place in Toronto, do not go to the ones in main centers of the city because they will charge a higher rate because they know they get more traffic.
  • Do not get your currency exchanged around closing time, because prices are purposely raised at this point since foreign exchange places know that other places are closing down as well and people will be desperate enough to pay more. So, get your currency exchanged during the day time.
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