How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep


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There is no feeling quite like taking a shower at night and then slipping into your bed covering yourself with your blanket and then feeling your body slowly drift off to sleep. The entire purpose of sleeping is to help recharge your body and giving it time to carry out other essential functions like healing, cell regeneration and so on. So, when you wake up, you are supposed to be feeling a lot better, however, if you happen to be waking up feeling more tired and sore than when you fell asleep, then you have a problem here.

If you have had no had any changes in your routine and lifestyle, and find that you sleep and wake up normally in other beds (or even a sofa), then your mattress is clearly the culprit here. A lot of people do not realize how important a role our mattress plays when it comes to both our sleep and our health. So, if you happen to have a bad mattress, it’s time to chuck it out and get a new one. You can use the services of websites like mattresbattle to help compare different mattress types.

Our mattress is basically supposed to help support our body and provide a comfortable surface for us to sleep in. If your mattress is not properly supporting your body alignment, then you will wake up with your body feeling more tense and tired due to the strain, and this can affect your back health in the long term as well. Similarly, if your mattress is not the right balance between soft and firm for you, then your body will not be able to stay in a comfortable position, which will cause you to move around a lot in your sleep, making you feel tired when you finally wake up.

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