Humans And Comedy


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If you start looking up the history of humanity, you will find that storytelling has always been an integral part of our shared history. Humans all over the world have sat down together from the beginning and shared and told stories. These stories served a lot of purposes, be it to warn others of potential threats and dangers in the wild, to instill cultural beliefs, and most importantly, to connect to each other. Comedy later evolved out of traditional storytelling in order to keep children happy and the adults entertained, and comedy has been growing and evolving ever since.

So you can see that comedy is also a part of our evolutionary history. Keeping this in mind, you can probably understand why humor is so important in our lives now. Medicine and psychology encourage humor and laughter as a way to stay healthier and happier. So, it is good for us to find reasons to laugh, and thankfully, we have a lot of reasons to keep laughing.

There is a lot of comedy-related content that is available to us, and there is humor that can appeal to anyone. If you like rambunctious and loud jokes that involve a lot of storytelling, you can find that, if you enjoy dry humor, puns, dark humor or whatever, there will be an abundant amount of content available through websites and streaming services like NextUp Comedy where all you have to do is create an account like you would with Netflix. You can also go and attend standup comedy shows if you want a live experience. You can check out local gigs, or you can check out tour dates for comedians and see if they will be visiting your city or near it, allowing you to book a ticket and then attend the show.

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