Is Your Home Protected Against Termites?


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Termites can be a nightmare for any home, they chew through wood at ridiculous speeds and can make short work of all of your wooden features quite quickly. Many people fear these pests because of their highly destructive nature, and the worst part is that they are hard to spot, termites hardly ever come out in the open, instead they chew through wood and form tunnels through which they move around. This makes it hard to detect a termite infestation in its early phases, most people find out that they have a termite problem only when their furniture or wooden floorboards begin to fall apart.

There are a few ways through which one can identify a termite problem, the easiest one being a presence of wood dust near places where termites have been digging. Termites leave behind a fine wood dust as they eat, should you spot a fine powder near your furniture then you should begin looking for any holes in wooden items close to where you found the wood dust. Termite holes can be quite small, which makes them hard to find, however, if you look hard enough then you are bound to find them.

Once you have collected enough evidence pointing to termite presence in your home, you should contact a professional extermination service provider who will know exactly how to exterminate termites from your home with a hundred percent chance of success. Smithereen is a pest management company that makes use of the latest technology in termite treatment that allows them to get rid of an entire infestation without having to rip up your walls and floorboards. The company offers a free inspection which you can avail by going to their website, call them today to solve your termite problem.

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