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One of the first mistakes that new parents make is when they underestimate how long tier baby will be in a crib. Most new parents tend to think that their child could just sleep anywhere as long as they place around him/her so they don’t end up rolling off the side. Cribs are more than just places for babies to sleep you see. Babies pretty much live in their cribs for the first 2-3 years of their lives, which is why when it comes to buying a crib for your baby, make no compromise.

Your baby’s crib will be like a bed and play pen for your child. It keeps them nice and comfy when they need to sleep and out of trouble when they’re up and full of energy. Before you buy a crib, you should know that the safety standards for baby cribs have been revised as of late. Make sure to buy a crib that’s manufactured according to the new safety standards, which you can learn about on the Brentwood home official website. Here are a few things you need to look for while buying a crib.

  1. The slats or bars of the crib shouldn’t be so wide that a soda can fits through them – this is a methods experts use to gauge how effective a crib is in safety. The bars shouldn’t be more than 2 inches apart so your babe doesn’t get an arm stuck in them while playing.
  2. Make sure that the mattress offers good support to your baby’s back. It should be dense and firm and fill the entire bed.
  3. The headboards should be straight and plain. Decorative cut outs look cool but remember that your baby’s clothing can get caught onto these; resulting in a funny situation that can be very scary for your child.
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