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Plastering has been done since ancient times and it’s one of the reasons why buildings hundreds of years old still stand to this day. The durability of plaster makes it a very viable building option even today, when we have cheaper and better insulating alternatives such as drywall and gypsum hoards available. Plaster can be difficult to repair if it breaks but before that happens, it’s really durable and it’s not too hard to plaster a surface by yourself, if you know what you’re doing.

On this page, we’ll walk you through a quick plastering guide for dummies so that you can try your hand at plastering as a DIY project. If you’re looking for the best results or need to plaster a very intricate surface, then you should know that it’s better to hire a professional plastering service instead. Otherwise, here’s what you need to do.

Prepare The Surface

If you’ve got small cracks or gaps in a certain surface, then you can pretty much plaster it yourself with easy and get great results, but you need to know what you’re doing. First of all, you need to prep the surface by making sure it’s dry, even and not covered by any wallpaper or something of the sort.

Prepare Your Material

We really recommend that you watch a few videos before doing this but you need to make a thick pasty mix that’s liquid enough to work with but not too runny. You need it to be like the consistency of an ice cream so it can hold shape.

Fill Away

Now that your mixture it just right, you can start using it on your prepared surface to ill and repair anything that needs the plaster work. Start small if this is your first time and be patient.

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