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The Fire Bible includes twelve unique tools that were created specifically to help you gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word. We have created a short study guide to help you gain maximum benefit from these tools. The guide provides brief instructions on how to use each of these tools to create inspiring sermons, family devotions, Sunday school lessons, or material for personal Bible study.

LIFE Publishers is committed to publishing the Word of God. In fact, LIFE Publishers International first began in 1946 as a result of one missionary’s vision and zeal to publish God’s Word for the Spanish-speaking world. By working with fire bible review Societies, missionaries, translation teams and printers around the world, we have realized and expanded that dream to include major languages spoken across the globe.

The Full Life Study Bible was started in the early 1980s as an individual missionary project by the late missionary Don Stamps (1938-1991). While serving in Brazil, he recognized a great need among pastors and lay workers for a study Bible written from a Pentecostal perspective. Soon after the completion of the Pentecostal notes, Don went to be with the Lord following a struggle with cancer.

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