Things to Know About Emergency Plumbing


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Imagine waking up to a huge leak in your pipes and finding pools of water everywhere. In such situations, you need to know a few things about emergency plumbing till your plumber gets to your place. This guide will help you learn everything you should know about emergency plumbing.

There are three possible things that require emergency plumbing. These include:

  • Blocked Drains
  • Frozen pipes
  • Flooding

A blocked drain can be caused by hair or debris getting stuck in your sinks or tubs. You can check your bathrooms for this, if the water is not draining then you can take out the hair and debris stuck, and if that does not help then you probably need to snake your drain. For this, you need to call your plumber so that he can look up if there is any other fault in your pipes through a camera. To learn more you can visit

If you live in a cold place then you can face the problem of frozen pipes. If water is not running from your taps then it is a case of frozen pipes, before it turns into a huge disaster the first thing you need to do is locate your water meter and then shut off its valve to avoid your pipes from bursting. To defrost your pipes you need to call a plumbing company. They will wrap your pipes with heat conducting wires to prevent it from happening again.

Flooding usually occurs due to blockage in your drain pipes, the water starts to flow backward and right back into your house. For this kind of situation, you need to shut off the water meter valve and wait for your plumber to snake your drain. It is not much you can do about floodings.

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