What Are The Basics of Gemstones?


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If you are planning to purchase any kind of jewelry that has gemstones in it then you should read this article as we will be talking about some of the basics of gemstones that everyone should know. Gemstones are famous to be used in jewelry but they are used in many other items too and they are certainly valuable. If you are looking for Bohemian styled jewelry containing gemstones or crystals then go to https://www.bohemianbazaar.co/crystals-minerals-gemstones/ and you would get good quality options.

Natural Gemstones

Natural gems are the most rare and valuable kind because they are retrieved from the earth and it is hard to find their exact copy. The interesting thing about natural gemstones is that with time, the value increases because of their rarity so if you procure one or purchase a jewelry piece containing natural gemstones, there is a big chance that its value will increase.

Treated Gemstones

Often natural gemstones are not up to the standards or requirements of the consumer market so they are enhanced or treated by specialists and this has an effect on the value of the gemstone. The effect varies from gemstone to gemstone and the type of treatment it got so you should gather full information about it before you purchase any sort of enhanced gemstone.

Laboratory Gemstones

As the name suggests, these gemstones are created in a lab but their composition, chemical structure and other properties are same as naturally occurring gemstones. The only difference is that it does not have the value or uniqueness of a natural gemstone which is why it does not sell as the same price as a natural one.

Artificial Gemstones

These are made from different materials and look like real gemstones but are not which is why the customer should be informed of it.

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