What is Dental Filling?


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No matter how much we spend on our dental care at some point in our life we face some kind of inconvenience such as tooth decay or cracked outer surface. This not only results in an unsightly outlook but can also incur functional drawbacks such improper chewing performance. Many people even become depressed after they face such issue because they can no longer smile freely in public and might even get bad remarks from people because of unsightly appearance of teeth. Luckily now you don’t have to go through the emotional trauma of having oral cavities because you can get it resolved with the help of dental fillings.

The type of filling a patient chooses can impact various things such as durability, functionality and overall aesthetics. Some of the most common options that are available in dental clinics include silver, gold, and porcelain fillings. People who reside in areas where the humidity is high should purchase gold fillings as they have the lowest corrosion rate compared to other natural metals. This is one of the most expensive options but once you invest in it, it can last for up to 15 years. If you are looking for a well-known and reliable dental clinic in South Carolina then make sure to check out Marc Heiden Dentistry.

Composite fillings are best options for people who are looking for cheaper options as their material is not that expensive. The basic operation starts off by applying anesthesia to the affected area of the tooth that is being filled with a specific material. This allows the dental expert to perform the entire process without worrying about hurting the patient. When the patient feels completely numb all the decayed part is removed so that the dental filling can be applied on the clean surface.

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