Why Do People End Up With The Wrong Rugs?

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We have often seen the horror where people purchase the wrong rugs but they make it worse when they decide to place the rug in a visible place, instead of returning or giving it away. Rugs make a strong impression and impact on the whole room so either it should be just right or just be absent from the space. If you are looking into western area rugs, you need to read about the possible mistakes that you might make while purchasing a rug because if you read them right now, you would not make it when the time for buying comes.

Wrong Measurements

A common mistake that we have seen people make is that they wrongly measure the space on which the rug is supposed to go and when they measure that spot wrong, they end up buying the wrong sized rug which is a huge disaster. Another mistake to avoid is to mentally take measurements of the spot because they will not be accurate and will result in buying the incorrect size.

Weight Equals Durability

You might think that if a rug weighs more, it is of better quality and more valuable but that is not the case every time. Weight does not equal durability every single time so when you are checking out a rug, do not only concentrate on its weight as other features are important too.

Fiber is Nothing

People often think that the fiber of the rug does not mean anything but do not make that mistake because the fiber determines the quality and durability. The fiber would tell you how much foot traffic the rug can bear where it should be placed and how long it will last which are the three most important points.

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