Why We Don’t Trust Mackeeper


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Have you ever met a person that you know means well but is still very annoying? This person’s intentions are pure but their tendency to get in your face with their overbearing presence makes it a challenge for you to trust them. Mackeeper is basically like that person. In fact, if one were to take an even more meta approach to this then Mackeeper would be the shy child being introduced to you by an overbearing parent.

Why the weird meta example? Well, first of all you need to know what Mackeeper actually is and that’s the purpose of this mackeeper review. Mackeeper is basically a cleaning utility software and is actually legit. In fact, you could actually run your PC a bit better by having a cleaning utility software like mackeeper. The reason why we feel like mackeeper is a shy child of an overbearing parent is because its parent company, Kromtech Alliance Corp is actually notorious for advertising their products horribly, mackeeper being one of them.

Kromtech really needs to rethink the way they advertise. Mackeeper would be installed and used by many apple users but instead of introducing it nicely, they hit users with pop ups and auto downloads. No one’s going to trust anything that just starts downloading onto your PV without permission, it’s like an invasion! This is the only reason why everyone hates Mackeeper. In fact, a large percentage of the Mac user’s community is convinced that Mackeeper is actually a scam.

Rest assured, Mackeeper isn’t a virus and they aren’t going to scam you either, but they will get annoying with their adverts. Even if Mackeeper starts downloading inot you PC, you can find its .dmg file in the download folder, uninstalled.

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