Free poker – the secret of popularity

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, moreover, in some countries, it is recognized as a sport. As in any other sport, skills are essential for gamblers so you will need to develop your skills. Free poker will help you to get the necessary experience and become a professional. If you are new to poker, let’s have a look at what kind of game to choose.

Newbies often face the hard choice of which kind of poker to choose. They usually change one type of poker to another, instead of focusing on a specific one. All types of poker currently available to players can be divided into two types: tournament and cash games. In cash poker, chips can be added to the stack at any time; in tournament games, after the loss of the stack, the game process also stops. Beginners are better off focusing on unlimited cash games. The advantage of this direction is that random bets and bluffs significantly increase the probability of winning, even for beginners.

But before playing the cash games, you need to test your skills play free poker, about which we will talk below.

Get ready to win big – learn how to play

These general rules apply to almost all types of poker.

  1. The game uses one deck of 52 cards. In variations of the game with the joker, 53 or 54 cards can be used, respectively.
  2. Combinations must be a maximum of five cards. There is an exception in 3-card poker.
  3. There is a seniority of combinations, where the older one wins over the younger one. There are exceptions, for example in the game Poker Omaha High-Low.
  4. The seniority of suits in poker does not matter.
  5. Players fight for the pot – a certain amount of money or chips played by them.
  6. Card seniority ranges from deuce to ace, where the ace is the highest card.

We need to mention that win in poker is often random, a winning combination is often preceded by a correctly selected game strategy, mathematical calculations of a winning combination, bluffing and other factors.

Below we have prepared for you the list of the online casinos with free poker games.

Best casinos to play poker for free to win real money

If you want to not only have fun but also win real money, then you should pay attention to the following websites:

  • 888 Poker. The website is the best one to start with. Here the player can find a lot of free games and $8 as no deposit bonus.
  • Poker Stars. This poker room offers visitors free poker games for beginners and a wide selection of tournaments and cash games. Here gamblers can also find weekly freerolls. The website pleases visitors with $850 as a sign-up bonus.
  • Party Poker is one of the best and trusted websites to play poker with lots of free and real-money actions. Party Poker can offer excellent mobile poker games.

Before playing for real money, we advise you to study as much as possible useful information about the game, as well as familiarize yourself with the nuances on the site of the selected online casino.

Training Sites or Personal Trainer

There are more than one poker training site where you can do your training. More often than not, it will cost you money. But if you plan to get serious about poker, it will be a great investment.

A more expensive way to improve your level and skills would be to hire a personal trainer. Such trainings are most often held in a one-on-one format, it can be safely called the most intensive method of training. But it is important to choose the right coach: make sure that he is a winning player, and choose someone who plays in the style that you like and would like to develop in yourself.